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Our various maize peeling machines demand exceeds supply, such as 6NF-90 and NF-280.,ipl-betting-tips-betfair

6NF-90 multifunctional corn peeler machine can remove the bran both of corn and wheat. There has 380V motor with 3-4KW power installed inside. It can process 300kg of grains, such as corn, wheat, sorghum and rice.

NF-280 multifunctional corn peeling and polishing machine mainly has corn peeling, wheat peeling and rice peeling and polishing functions. The machine is internally installed 380V motor with 7.5W and can process 500kg of corn, wheat, sorghum and rice per hour.


They are widely used in small and medium corn processing plants or by farmers for its outstanding features as follows:
1. Easy structure, good manufacturability in processing and installation, small volume and convenient operation. The whole machine only occupies an area of less than one square meter and we only need to install pitch screw for fixing. 
2. Multifunctions in wheat, sorghum and paddy peeling and polishing. 
3. Internally installed efficient winnowing and dust removing blower. 
4. High output and good effect.
5. The most important factor for its high demand in the market is the reasonable and competitive price.


check-my-cricket-id, For corn peeling tools, our maize peeling machine is an excellent choice!

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